Ben Pakulski

Also known as the “Pak Man”, Ben Pakulski is a lifelong enthusiast of health and nutrition. Pakulski was bought up going to competitions where he would see bodybuilding legends such as Ronnie Coleman competing at the Night of Champions contest and this is what motivated him, even as a teenager to want to be a bodybuilder.

From Toronto, Canada, Pakulski is most famous for his solid, flared legs but is relatively new to the game considering his age. He also began his pro bodybuilding career quite slowly by only competing in one contest every year. This is because he is one of the most focussed and arguably one of the most competitive bodybuilders in the game. He doesn’t want to just compete, he wants to win:

“My goal is never to compete at the Olympia; my goal is to win the Olympia. I'm not just going to jump onstage to say that I did it.”

Competitive History

Pakulski has secured 13 bodybuilding titles in his professional career, his most recent triumph at the March 2013 Arnold Classic competition where he came 2nd. Other achievements include:

  • Overall Winner Sept 2008 - Canadian Championships and Pro Card
  • 3rd Place Aug 2009- First Pro Show- Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
  • 7th Place May 2010 - NY Pro
  • 5th Place Feb 2011 - FLEX Pro
  • 10th Place March 2011 - Arnold Classic
  • 4th Place March 2011 - Australia Pro
  • 2nd Place Feb 2012 - Flex Pro
  • 4th Place March 2012 - Arnold Classic (A controversial decision; many people believed he should have placed 2nd or won!)
  • 11th Place September 2012 - Mr. Olympia


Pakulski reportedly spends more than $1000 per month on eating 120 lbs of meat. He also sticks to a strict diet and is not a fan of eating carbs for breakfast which raised a few eyebrows. The Pak Man is always keen to build muscle so he believes that eating carbs for breakfast can inhibit your ability to make the most of those carbs throughout the day which could lead to storage of fat.

Pakulski says that he diets 12 weeks before training but doesn’t introduce cardio until 6 week prior to a contest so that he maximise his muscle gains. In terms of eating on and off season, Ben eats the same foods but just controls portion sizes.


Because of the attention Pakulski gets for his fantastic leg conditioning he feels that sometimes his upper body often takes second place. As a result, over the past few years he has been training even harder to get his upper body on par with his lower. Due to the intensity of each of his workouts, Pakulski has started to train his legs just as hard (so they still ahve the “freak factor” as he calls it) but with less regularity as before seeing as he is focusing more on building up his upper body. Prior to the 2013 Arnold Classic contest, Pakulski had an impressive 6.2% body fat.