Can I buy steroids from Edmonton without prescription?

Like all other medicines, steroids also find their application in the medical world. They are used for the treatment of some deadly diseases such as asthma, arthritis, severe brain injuries and breast cancer. Since steroids act fast, therefore they are used for such diseases which require immediate action and relief from the associated ailment. But steroids are used illegally for some other purposes also for which these are not meant such as sports enhancement by the sportsperson or enhancing muscles by the boxers or other such people. To deal with such problems and to avoid misuse of steroids, some laws have been made and are made mandatory in different countries as far as attainment and possession of steroids is concerned. Edmonton which is located in Canada is also once such place where some people who wish to buy steroids have to abide by some laws.

Prescription is mandatory - You should have a valid medical prescription to buy the Edmonton steroids. You can use, possess or distribute steroids in Edmonton only if you have a viable medical prescription from a recognized doctor in Canada. It is because steroids come under the list of controlled substances and drugs in Canada including Edmonton. It has been mandated by the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 stating that anyone found buying, selling or possessing steroids in Edmonton without a medical prescription will be prosecuted.

The exact reason for steroid intake as well the quantity to be taken must also be mentioned on the medical prescription so that anyone can’t buy more than that. It is because even after having a medical prescription chances of misuse of steroids still remain there. To deal with this problem, only limited quantities of Edmonton steroids as prescribed on the medical prescription can be purchased from the medical stores.