Edward Nunn

From Anderson, Indiana in the USA, Edward Nunn is a 42 year old super heavyweight bodybuilder that has been bodybuilding all of his adult life. Starting young and getting into fitness in college, Ed Nunn has had a chance to really perfect his training, food and supplementation and that’s why he has been so successful in a variety of bodybuilding contests over the years.

Looking up to bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman and modern day legends Toney Freeman and Dexter Jackson, Ed Nunn is very much an “aim high” kind of athlete. He is determined to be the type of bodybuilder that this group of men are – personable yet still hard working and dedicated to the sport.

Competition History

Ed Nunn earned his IFBB Pro card at the 2008 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships but has had many achievements besides. He began competing in 2002 and has since appeared in more than 15 contests where he has placed really high apart from a disappointing 16th place at the IFBB Mr. Olympia contest in 2011. Most recently, Nunn has competed in the 2013 Arnold Classic but has admitted to feeling unhappy with 8th place. However, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the majority of competitions it surely won’t be long until Nunn again wins top prize.


A strict believer in the “one body part at a time” routine, Nunn trains hard 5 days a week and rests at weekends.

  • Monday – Legs
  • Tuesday – Triceps and chest
  • Wednesday – Shoulders
  • Thursday – Back
  • Friday – Biceps and hamstrings

Ed likes to “stretch the muscle to stimulate extra growth” and pushes himself as hard as he can with each workout without subjecting himself to injury.

Nunn is all about body development and conditioning to the best of his ability and anyone will be able to see his dedication to his sport with his huge 31 inch legs, 20 inch calves, 19 inch neck and a staggering 52 inch chest! This 6 ft 1 giant is in strong competition from a number of other pro bodybuilders out there and training harder than ever, especially after his disappointment at this year’s Arnold Classic contest. Like the professional that he is however, he promises to keep training and will undoubtedly bring his game for the next competition.


Fish, chicken and broccoli are some of Nunn’s staple foods, and he has only admitted that he avoids red meats as he has more of a problem shifting body fat when he is on a red meat diet – even if he does love his steak and sweet potato meals. His off season weight can reach around 310lbs and his contest weight is around 245lbs. However, Nunn has recently spoken about the strain this constant weight loss and gain has put on his body and more of late he has been sticking to a much stricter food and exercise regime even during his off season to make it easier for him to get back into a fitness routine.