How to inject water based steroids in the body?

Steroids have become quite commonplace these days, owing to their extensive use among body builders and even athletes. These are considered to be a highly effective method to build a strong and muscular body. While regular physical exercise and consuming nutritional and balanced diet are the factors which are highly stressed upon, steroids are known to be very useful in order to enhance their impact and help you achieve better results in very less time.

Primarily, steroids are available in two forms, pills and injections. While both are equally popular, still water based steroids are considered better as these are injected directly into the body. Such steroids are known as injectable steroids and these are meant for the intramuscular injection. What it means is that while injecting, the needle should pass into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, before entering the muscle. However, it should be remembered that the steroids are injected in an area which does not have blood vessels or major nerves.

Next is the choice of needle which should be of apt size, length and diameter, for penetrating the skin easily. Shorter needles should not be used as these can spread the drug in subcutaneous region, which can lead to swelling between muscle and skin, as well as slowing down the drug absorption. Once you have filled the syringe with the water based steroids, you can inject it in your body. Make sure to do it slowly, as doing it too fast can cause immense pain, which will then take a lot of time to subside. Withdraw the syringe slowly and keep a cotton ball pressed on that area for some time to avoid bleeding.

After the steroid has been injected, the needle and syringe should be discarded and never used again by you or someone else, as it can cause infection and many other diseases.