Ivan Sadek

An up and coming Australian bodybuilder, Ivan Sadek is set to be one of the best in the business as the rate he is going. Although he is relatively new to the bodybuilding game, he has on board a trainer that knows what’s best for him and knows the industry so well that he tells him what he needs to eat, how often he needs to eat and how hard he needs to train to win competitions.


Sadek is lucky enough to have a very supportive wife that prepares all of his meals (and there are a lot of them!) throughout the day. As well as his range of foods that he eats during any day, he also ensures he takes his vitamins and additional supplementation so that his body is able to support the strain on his muscles during his training sessions.

A standard daily meal plan for Sadek would go as follows:

  • 7am – Vitamins
  • 7.20am – Breakfast (Egg whites, whole bread, salmon, juice)
  • 10.30am – Whey protein shake
  • 11am – Meal One (Chicken/beef and baked vegetables)
  • 4pm – Meal Two (Similar foods to Meal One but variations so he doesn’t get bored)
  • 6pm – Meal Three (Similar foods to Meal One but variations so he doesn’t get bored)
  • 9pm – Meal Four (Similar foods to Meal One but variations so he doesn’t get bored)
  • Midnight – 12 egg whites and 2 whole eggs
  • 3am – Cereal and protein powder

With the sheer volume of food needed to maintain the ultimate bodybuilding physique, the lifestyle is not easy and only the most dedicated and focused individuals can handle the pressure. Based around specific scientific calculations and the need for calculations, Ivan relies very much on his trainer to ensure he gets the right types of food in his system to fuel his muscle gains.


Ivan Sadek’s training regime is the brain child of his personal trainer Andrei Todero who also trains alongside him.

Career Outside Bodybuilding

It’s not all glamour as a bodybuilder and Sadek will be the first to tell you that. As he’s not been competing for long, earning money doing a few jobs is still something that he needs to do to pay the bills. Doing security work on the doors of popular restaurants and bars in Sydney, Ivan does what he has to but hopes to someday earn enough as a professional bodybuilder.

Competitive History

  • 2009 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix IX – 5th Place
  • 2010 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix X – 11th Place
  • 2013 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XIII – 5th Place


In terms of getting where he needs to be, Ivan is still training hard to reach his peak fitness and according to many experts in the bodybuilding sport, he should be ready to compete in the Mr. Olympia competitions within the next few years. As for the future of competing in general, Ivan is sure to be a massive success with the dedication he is already showing.