Joe Ulberg

Joe Ulberg is an IFBB (international Federation of Body Builders) professional, and has been body building professionally for more than 20 years, plus another 10 years of amateur bodybuilding on top of that. A personal trainer by trade, Ulberg sticks to a strict regime of eating the right foods and training hard to maintain and develop the ultimate body builder’s physique.

A personal trainer and health practitioner at the famous Les Mills gym in Wellington City, New Zealand, Ulberg lives and breathes health, weight training and fitness.


Famous for his bulging upper body, Ulberg would need to work on his legs in future to get the desirable bodybuilder “flared” look. As a personal trainer Ulberg knows what he needs to work on and he has a mixture of training specialities that he not only uses on his own clients but also employs in his own workouts to make the most of his size and muscle gains including:

Strength training – To increase resistance and improve overall endurance, strength training is needed not only to improve muscular structure for competitions but also to show off muscular power when it comes to contests in which you have to lift.

Functional training – To help with activities performed in your daily routine, functional training literally helps with the “functionality” to your muscles and makes even simple movements easier by improving flexibility and joint movement.

Contest preparation – For bodybuilders that want to get to their ultimate condition prior to contest, training and nutrition advice is given by Ulberg (which he obviously applies to his own training) so that you can get huge, lean and truly ripped for competitions.

Holistic training – A meditative exercise where focus and movement improves your body

Competition History

For a man as dedicated at being the best, Ulberg has recently reached 11th in the 2013 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XIII. Regularly competing in the 85-90kg class, Ulberg is admired by his peers for his excellent conditioning and during competition it is his symmetry and muscular maturity that sees him beat his competitors.

At the FitX 2013 Pro Show, Ulberg posed to Green Day’s rocking track “Brain Stew” and blew away judges with his hard, defined and absolutely huge upper body. The contest presented several top quality competitors including many current champions Dexter Jackson, Ed Nunn, Ben Pakulski, Jeff Long, Ivan Sadek, Toney Freeman and Michael Kefalianos. Ulberg was in a line up with Luke Schembri, Luke Timms, and An Nguyen, none of whom went away with a top 5 placing. Jackson won the contest for the fourth time in his and thoroughly deserved the accolade for his sheer strength when lifting the 350kg truck axel with reps, and also for his near perfect body symmetry.


In terms of conditioning, Joe Ulberg is one of the greatest in the business, although many would argue that he hasn’t quite reached his peak size yet. Give it a few years and we believe that Ulberg could smash the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic and Grand Prix shows.