Legal Steroids in Canada

Canadian runners, bodybuilders, football players and the even the occasional garden variety athlete have been known to take anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids have been shown to help bodybuilders increase muscle mass, strength and endurance while acting to help prevent and heal injuries. It is a package of benefits that many athletes have been unable to say no to, hence it wide availability in Canada from coast to coast. But is the whole thing legal? Or not?

This article looks at whether steroids are legal in Canada. Countries all over the world have different laws when it pertains to anabolic steroids. England, for example, prohibits the use of anabolic steroids while countries like Mexico and Thailand place no restrictions on their use. This is not to say that a British man can bring home some anabolic steroids as a souvenir of his Winter trip to Cancun. Not by a long shot.

Canada’s system for banned substances Canada has a system for rating controlled substances; basically, the higher up on the list one gets, the stricter the controls placed on the substance and the higher the penalties for its possession or trafficking. The status of anabolic steroids within the Canadian legal system is somewhat complicated. Let’s have a brief look into the situation.

Schedule IV substance Anabolic steroids are classified under Canadian law as Schedule IV substances. This puts them in the same category as Xanax, Valium and most barbiturates.

Common sense approach If you are using anabolic steroids for your personal use, it is not, under Canadian law, illegal to possess them on your person. Though it is not legal to traffic said anabolic steroids. Our best advice is to research any specific anabolic steroid that you are considering using so that you are aware of any restrictions pertaining to that steroid.

Discretion Certainly any Canadian who uses anabolic steroids should, as is recommended above, make sure that he educates himself about how the Canadian law deals with Schedule IV substances. Getting beyond this topic, it is crucial that bodybuilders and other athletes buy anabolic steroids from reputable places.

If you regularly train at a local gym and are approached by an individual who wants to sell you some anabolic steroids, it would be wise to refuse this offer. Why? You have absolutely no idea what he is selling - exactly. Sure, he may tell you that he is selling Masteron Propionate – and he may believe that he is. But the fact is you do not know where he got these pills nor why he is selling them.

A bodybuilder who wants to buy anabolic steroids should do so from a reputable online shop; an established shop where you can use a credit card, order discretely, and be sure that you are getting precisely what you have asked for. It is unwise to take a chance when buying an anabolic steroid; the more established and reputable your shop is, the easier for you to achieve peace of mind.

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