Luke Schembri

One of Australia’s newest bodybuilders, Luke Schembri is currently one of a new generation of extreme pro athletes. This full time fire fighter has dedicated his life to saving others, and yet still finds the time to beast the gym and competes in some of the most physically challenging competitions in the world.

Since the age of 18, Luke has been training his body up to not only handle huge weights but also look like the ultimate bodybuilder. As a new up and coming bodybuilder, Luke is still adjusting to the fame and is so surprised at the support he is getting from all his fans:

“Life has become crazy, I never real understood what it meant to become a Pro Bodybuilder and the amount of support and attention that came with it”


When training for competitions, Schembri likes to stick to strict diet that is high in protein, moderate in carbs, and low in fat. Just before a contest, he has a protein-tastic oatmeal omelette made with 12 egg whites, 1 yolk, a cup of oats and a drop of honey. When in the off season however, Luke doesn’t believe in “letting himself go” as such, although he admittedly eats a lot of McDonald’s meals! Overall in the off season however, he usually follows a high protein, high carb, moderate fat diet


Coming from a sporting background, Schembri has spent most of his life doing physical activity in some form or other. Not only has he spent 13 years training 6 days at the gym every week, he has also been a fire fighter for 12 (a very physical job, I’m sure you’ll agree!), and played rugby league for more than 10 years. He has also shown a keen interest in athletics, boxing and even table tennis – basically, he loves to stay active and couldn’t live without some kind of exercise in his daily routine.

Luke uses training as a way of releasing a lot of tension, and is a firm believer in challenging the body and pushing himself more with every workout. He loves to train his quads by doing squats, leg extensions, and super set leg presses. His biggest lift achievements are 8 reps of an incline barbell press with a massive 220kgs, and an impressive 5 rep barbell squat with 300kgs.

Competition History

In terms of sporting achievements, Luke Schembri has blasted his way through a number of competitions and has been MR Australia twice in two consecutive years:

  • 2007 IFBB Australian Heavyweight Mr Australia
  • 2008 IFBB Australian Heavyweight Mr Australia
  • 2010 Country Classic Invitational 2nd
  • 2011 Saltwater Classic Invitational 3rd


For now, Luke Schembri is happy to continue his competitive streak and to challenge himself in the future by entering more and more contests. As with many bodybuilders, Schembri admits that he is never totally happy with his body but is keen to reach his ultimate physique and best possible condition and still continue to compete.