Michael Kefalianos

Michael Kefalianos has been a professional IFBB bodybuilder since 2009 although he has been a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast since the age of 20. This Greek machine who has been nicknamed “The Spartan” by his peers weighs 250lbs and is 5ft6.

Life Before Bodybuilding

Kefalianos was born in Kos, Greece with 11 other siblings. He is from Greek descent but is now living in Australia with his wife Helen and his children. At a young age he worked with stone masonry and has also had to serve a compulsory spell with the Greek Army. However, at the age of 20 he became enthusiastic about building strength and began weight training.

Diet and Nutrition

Supplementation is a huge part of Kefalianos’ dieting regime and says:

“My recommendation for a basic supplementation program would be a good protein powder, then creatine and glutamine.”

On top of this, he also recommends amino acids for any other budding bodybuilders out there. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle fibres and if you are serious about getting truly huge, these essential supplements can really boost your gains. Extra food has gone into his routine as part of a new plan to increase his gains so Kefalianos is currently eating more potatoes, eggs and rice to help him gain mass. Sitcking to a trict 6 meals a day, Kefalianos works his routine around his work and family and always makes time to go swimming with his 2 youngest children when he’s not training.


Michael’s preparation for a competition usually starts 16 weeks beforehand and includes a strict dieting plan and workout routine which changes according to the type of muscles he wants to work on. Although cardio isn’t at the forefront of many bodybuilder’s fitness plans as it burns too many calories, Kefalianos completes a 20 minute cardio routine 3 days a week to help him improve circulation. He does cardio in the morning and training in the evening too – a routine that works the best for his body.

Kefalianos is a huge believer in training one body part each day. Although he has been lifting heavy weights and has also been into the bodybuilding sport for many years, he says that the key to success is to find a great personal trainer and training partner so that you have the right kind of support and advice that you need to reach your conditioning goals.

Competition History and Achievements

Competing in several shows per year, Kefalianos is a dedicated athlete within his field. To date, he has participated in 27 professional bodybuilding contests and also competed in 2008 International North German Championship in Hamburg in which he did come 1st. Entering 3 professional contests in 2009, 6 in 2010, 7 in 2011, 9 in 2012 and 2 so far this year, there is no doubt that Kefalianos is after a championship title after his biggest success so far in 2012 where he won the Mr Europe Pro competition.