Myths and Facts about Steroids

It has been a long time since when steroids have been used in this world and these have been passed on from older generations to younger ones. Many facts and myths about steroids have been there that are not known to most of the people using these steroids. Few of the facts and myths are discussed here in this article.

Facts About Steroids
There are many facts about steroids regarding their connection and use from the earliest times. A few of the facts providing an overview of the historical presence of steroids have been listed below.
Gonadal steroids have been in use even before their identification by medical experts.
Extracts of testicles have been used medicinally since the beginning of the 19th century, while its aftereffects have been unknown and kept under research. The same steroid has been synthesized in 1934 with a different name “Leopold Ruzica”.
There has been a discussion about testosterone propionate in a letter that has been written to the editor of Health Magazine around 1940. This steroid has been known as the earliest reference for anabolic steroids.
Another fact that has been existing with the history is that squaddies of Germany have been in the habit of using anabolic steroids that was aimed at the improvement of their strengths.

These facts provide an overview of the existence of steroids in the earlier time of the history. There is a strong historical contribution to the present use of steroids like the Newport steroids Canada.

Myths About Steroids

Steroids have been covered under the carpet of various myths that are passed on to generations without any factual or evidence support. Various myths that are being present in this world about these steroids are discussed below.
Myth 1 – Steroids Lead to death: The main point opposing this myth is that steroids are a type of drugs prevailing in the market. Since, drugs need to be consumed as prescribed, so taking an excess of steroids results in death not a normal prescribed quantity. Although the use of these drugs is regulated by law, a supply of inappropriate information about steroids and an unauthorized supply of these drugs may result in severe health effects, even death.
Myth 2 – Easily Available: Steroids aren’t easily available in the market since, there are various laws that have been framed to control their use. Use of steroids without a proper prescription is against the law and thus, these drugs are not available easily except by unfair means.
Myth 3 – Steroids are available in pill form only: There are different types of steroids available in the market, common being oral and injectable ones. The injectable type of steroids is androgenic in nature and thus provide a lesser damage to different organs of a human body like liver. Oral steroids, being anabolic, have many side effects and are more harmful to body organs. With the variety of steroids, the strength of steroids varies and so the side-effects caused by them.

Thus, various myths and facts listed about Newport steroids Canada are listed above to help you get a better knowledge of steroids and their existence.