Things you Should Know before Buying Injectable and Oral Pills

There are two modes by which drugs or steroids can be taken in by the human body. There is a confusion among different buyers while making a choice of the pill type, either oral or injectable. Both types have their own benefits and drawbacks that are discussed below to help you make a better choice and buy injectable and oral pills from steroids direct Canada.

Oral Pills

Oral pills provide immediate results and thus preferred by many individuals to experience results immediately. This effect of oral pills is supported by the fact that they are in a ready form, thus are used to pass over the metabolism immediately and exert their effect by entering the bloodstream in a short time. A shorter half-life is another advantage of oral pills over other types, since their metabolites get destroyed after a short time. The short term effect of these pills goes undetected in any anti-doping test and thus, so the athletes have these pills at higher levels in their preference list.

Other than these benefits, oral pills have a few negative effects also, like the bad effect on the liver of the person taking oral pills. Oral steroids are 17-alpha alkylated that is a chemical modification made to add the ability to the pills for exerting anabolic effects to the body of the person taking in the pills. This modification, however, provides a negative effect on the liver and prevents it from carrying on its basic functioning, detoxification, in the human body.


Various athletes prefer to take injectable instead of oral pills because of various benefits that they provide to the human body as compared to oral pills. Health risks caused by injectables are lower than that of the oral pills, since they lack in the chemical modification that is done in the oral pills from 17-alpha alkylation. On the other hand, injectables undergo esterification that helps them provide a long term effect to the body that is one of the reasons for the preference of injectable pills. Another benefit of injectables is that they are made in such a manner that the digestive system is easily bypassed with them, thus making them lower contributors to side effects.

There are two types of injections, water based and oil based, out of which oil based injectable provides a longer half life as compared to the half life of water based injectable. But the life of the an injectable is greater than that of oral pills, so they can be easily detected by anti-doping tests that are conducted on players or athletes going to take part in the sports. However, this problem is tackled by many athletes by using injections for a long time, while taking in oral pills a short time before the tests conducted for testing players with doping.

Thus, the above comparison might prove helpful for you to make a choice between the pills better for you according to your requirements. You can buy injectable and oral pills from steroids direct Canada for high quality pills adding to your body’s strength.