Toney Freeman

An American IFBB pro bodybuilder, Toney Freeman, also known as the “X Man” is a 6 ft 2 muscular machine. Having featured on the cover of many bodybuilding magazines, he is at the top of his game in terms of bodybuilding achievements and has a long list of successful contests under his belt.

Competitive History

Freeman’s first competition was the NPC Nationals where he came first in 1993. He didn’t get into the professional side of bodybuilding until he was into his 30s, but now he is one of the strongest in the game.

So far, Toney has appeared in 42 competitions and has come 1st place in 8 of them, his most recent contest being the 2013 Arnold Classic in which he came 3rd having beaten his first Arnold Classic record where he came 10th. He has competed in:

  • 7 Mr Olympia contests (Placing between 5th and 14th)
  • 5 NPC Nationals contests (Placing between 1st and 6th)
  • 8 Arnold Classic contests (Placing between 3rd and 10th)


Freeman always aims to gain weight prior to any contest. He aims to only drop to 4% body fat when off season and doesn’t like the thought of gaining too much fat and feeling bloated when he’s not training. Toney likes to feel good at all times, and that usually means looking after himself as much as possible in terms of his diet so that he knows he could get back to his competition size in a matter of weeks.

Freeman used to eat between 400 and 600g of carbs every day but now focuses on a diet of high protein, moderate fats, and low carbs in a 28 day dietary cycle for better gains.


Toney Freeman is known as the X Man for a reason – the classical bodybuilding physique is broad back and shoulders, narrow 31 inch waist and flared thighs, i.e. he is shaped like an “X”. Freeman achieves this highly desirable body by keeping “symmetry” at the forefront of his mind when working out. He took 5 years out of competing from 1995 to 2000 when he tore one pectoral muscle and had to rest. He took that time out to recover and then get himself back to the top of his game.

In terms of training, Freeman is always working to improve his body conditioning and is therefore keen to listen to his coach who regularly introduces new techniques that can help boost muscle fibres for even bigger gains which he always willing to learn more about.


Although many pro bodybuilders are quick to get sponsors and always fast to promote as many of their sponsors products as they can, Toney Freeman happily stick with the basics; whey protein, amino acids and glutamine. These are the building blocks of any bodybuilder’s supplementation cupboard, and Freeman is keen to try new products until he finds the ones that work for him. Focus is his other key ingredient to success and he believes everyone should focus on their goals to reach their optimum weight.