What is the Legality of steroids in the London?

Steroids are natural or artificial compounds that are used to control some specific body functions. These are specially used for the treatment of various diseases including arthritis, breast cancer and asthma or brain injuries. Steroids are taken in low dosages as they are quite strong to be tolerated by the human body. There are two types of steroids, i.e. corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. The former type is used for treatment of above mentioned diseases while the latter is used for muscle building and in the treatment of prolonged anemia and puberty. Like all other medicines, some laws need to be followed while using steroids, particularly in London. These laws differ from one country to the other. Here we will discuss about the legal status of London steroids.     

Permitted for body building - According to anabolic steroids law in the UK, it is lawful to use steroids for body building purpose by the body builders. As per schedule 4 part 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001, anyone residing in UK including London can possess London steroids for personal use but in limited quantities.

Import as per rules - Anyone who wishes to import steroids in London from some other country must abide by the Home Office Circular 29 of September 1996.

Sale or distribution is illegal - It is totally illegal to distribute or sell steroids in London. Anyone who is caught possessing large quantities of steroids without any medical prescription can be prosecuted by the law.

Gym dealers who sell or distribute London steroids to the members of the gym are also culprits in the eyes of law. In case, someone is caught in such an act, then he or she is prosecuted and not the one who purchases the same.

Prescription is mandatory - You can buy London steroids from medical stores only if these are prescribed by your medical professional.