Why Steroids are Commonly Used in Sports

Due to various health risks caused by the use of Canada steroids, they have been banned for use in most of the amateur and professional games and sports. But, bodybuilders and athletes still prefer using them as they offer great benefits to a human body that help them gain a better edge in their sports.

Strength to Athletes

Anadrol & Winstrol are a few of the steroids that have been known to provide immediate strengths to the human body, the same effect being produced with the use of testosterone. This immediate strength provided to the athletes has been used by them to gain benefits as compared to other athletes using their naturally developed strength. These drugs have been in use for different sports like field events, weight lifting, sprinting and others. Ben Johnson has been found to take a lead in the 100-meter dash due to steroids but was later on stripped off of his medal, when tests revealed the use of steroids.


Steroid hormones Winstrol, erythropoietin, equipoise fuel the growth of red blood cells, which are used for the transportation of oxygen to muscles. An increase in the number of these cells increases the amount of oxygen transported to the muscles, which in turn improves the endurance level of the person. Another benefit that these red blood cells provide is that they enhance the removal process involved in excreting waste products generated as a result of exercise. Due to these advantages, these steroids have gained a huge popularity among runners, cyclists and other Olympians. Liudmyla Blonska, who was a heptathlete from Ukraine, won a silver medal in the Olympics held in Beijing in 2008, who was later tested for the use of steroids and had to return her medal after being tested positive.


Muscle tissues suffer a breakdown as a result of highly intense resistance and training, which heals with time when the growth of new muscles occurs by healing action of the body on these micro-tears. There are various anabolic steroids like nandrolone and testosterone that provide a support to the rapid growth of muscles with the promotion of the retention of nitrogen and synthesis in the cells of the muscles. These effects lead to faster healing of muscles after the intense training taken over by athletes. Another effect that these steroids are known to cause is the retention of excess fluid that is stored within the joints by the body as synovial fluid. This extra amount of the fluid stored in the joints helps athletes to carry heavy loads and practice with the same enhanced strength and endurance to improve the performance output of a person taking part in any sport.

Thus, these are some benefits that players get while using steroids before their game or sport. An increased strength provides a player to improve his output performance, while a better endurance having a complete support from a faster process of recovery of broken tissues helps players gain an advantage over others. Although, Canada steroids provide many benefits, health risks provided by them are more severe that have led to the ban on their use without a proper prescription.